Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Using SSRN to up-date articles

The original idea of SSRN was presumably to publish draft versions of articles before they are published. Now, many scholars also use it to publish the final versions of their articles. However, I would suggest a third function, which could become important in the future, namely to up-date articles that have already been published. Since it is convenient to access articles at SSRN, this up-dated version may then become more popular than the published one.

Anyway, I have just done it for three of my own articles. They are:

  • Siems, Mathias M., "The EU Directive on Electronic Signatures - a World Wide Model or a Fruitless Attempt to Regulate the Future?" International Review of Law, Computers & Technology, Vol. 16, pp. 7-22, 2002 (updated in 2007), available at
  • Siems, Mathias M., "What Does Not Work in Comparing Securities Laws: A Critique on La Porta Et Al.'s Methodology" International Company and Commercial Law Review, pp. 300-305, 2005 (updated in 2007), available at
  • Siems, Mathias M., "The European Directive on Cross-Border Mergers: An International Model?" Columbia Journal of European Law, Vol. 11, pp. 167-186, 2005 (updated in 2007), available at