Saturday, 24 October 2009

Germans in the UK – annual update

Not sure I found every German legal academic who is at a UK law school but perhaps 90%. Since last year the overall number is rising (for 2008 see here and here: the new names are in italics).

Gero Dolezalek (Aberdeen, Professor), Florian Becker (Aberdeen, Professor), Gerald Schaefer (Aberystwyth, Tutor), Anton Schütz (Birkbeck, Senior Lecturer), Martin Borowski (Birmingham, Senior Lecturer), Katharina Moeser (Birmingham, Lecturer), Martin Kretschmer (Bournmouth, Professor), Nina Boeger (Bristol, Lecturer), Holger Sutschet (Brunel, Lecturer), Christian Heitsch (Brunel, Lecturer), Markus Gehring (Cambridge, Lecturer), Jens Scherpe (Cambridge, Lecturer), Katrin Mueller-Johnson (Cambridge, Lecturer), Friedrich Lösel (Cambridge, Professor), Antje Du Bois Pedain (Cambridge, Lecturer), Beke Zwingmann (Cardiff, Lecturer), Judith Rauhofer (Central Lancashire, Research Fellow), Michael Bohlander (Durham, Prof), Robert Schuetze (Durham, Senior Lecturer), Mathias Siems (East Anglia, Professor), Burkhard Schäfer (Edinburgh, Senior Lecturer), Daniel Augenstein (Edinburgh, Lecturer), Sabine Michalowski (Essex, Reader), Renate Gertz (Glasgow, Research Assistnat), Martina Künnecke (Hull, Lecturer), Michael Schillig (King’s London, Senior Lecturer), Carsten Gerner-Beueerle (King’s London, Lecturer), Alexander Türk (King’s London, Senior Lecturer), Jan Oster, (King’s London, Lecturer), Oliver Gerstenberg (Leeds, Reader), Dagmar Schiek (Leeds, Professor), Christopher Bisping (Leicester, Lecturer), Jan Wetzel (Lincoln, Senior Lecturer), Florian Hoffmann (LSE, Lecturer), Jan Kleinheisterkamp (LSE, Lecturer), Kai Moller (LSE, Lecturer), Annette Nordhausen (Manchester, Lecturer), Ann Richter (Manchester, Associate Lecturer), Simone Lamont-Black, nee Schnitzer (Northumbria), Thomas Krebs (Oxford, Lecturer), Stefan Vogenauer (Oxford, Professsor), Katja Ziegler (Oxford, Reader), Wolf-Georg Ringe (Oxford, Lecturer), Stefan Talmon (Oxford, Professor), Bettina Lange (Oxford, Lecturer), Wolfgang Weiss (Oxford Brookes, Professor), Sascha Bachmann (Portsmouth, Senior Lecturer), Julia Hörnle (Queen Mary, London, Senior Lecturer), Guido Westkamp (Queen Mary, London, Reader), Anne Thies (Reading, Lecturer), Regina Asariotis (Southhampton, Research Fellow), Werner Menski (SOAS, London, Professor), Alexander Fischer (SOAS, London, Lecturer), Lutz Oette (SOAS London, Lecturer), Andreas Rühmkorf (Sheffield, Lecturer), Regina Rauxloh (Surrey, Lecturer), Yuri Borgmann-Prebil (Sussex, Lecturer), Volker Roeben (Swansea, Professor), Carsten Stahn (Swansea, Reader), Tobias Lock (UCL, Lecturer), Florian Wagner-von-Papp (UCL, Lecturer), Ralf Rogowski (Warwick, Professor), Lydia Schulz (Warwick, Lecturer), Maren Heidemann (Westminster, Senior Lecturer), Stefan Echelmaier (York, Professor). And, as a footnote, a few Austrians: Dieter Pesendorfer (Queen’s, Belfast, Senior Lecturer), Christoph Kletzer (King’s London, Lecturer), Eva Micheler (LSE, Senior Lecturer), Andreas Rahmatian (Leicester, Lecturer), Michael Waibel (Cambridge, Research Fellow), and a German working in the Republic of Ireland Ferdinand, Prince von Lippe (Trinity Dublin, Lecturer). [not in the list any more: Jörg Fedtke (UCL, now Tulane, US), Sirko Harder (Leicester, now Monash, Australia), Thomas Wälde (Dundee, deceased), and Gernot Biehler (Trinity Dublin, deceased)]

Saturday, 17 October 2009

We are not so bad …

From today’s Times:
In common with almost everyone you will meet, apart from lawyers, I have very little interest in the law. It exists, so far as I can fathom, only to provide a lifetime of homework for Oxbridge overachievers whose sense of self-worth is so bound up in getting their prep done and passing their exams that, were these twin elements of student life to be denied them after their education was over, they would simply shrivel up and die.
Like the shark that must keep swimming or suffocate, lawyers are people who must stay in subfusc for ever, slinking from one crepuscular book depository to the next, always reading, always note taking, always worrying about what questions will come up, always worrying that the other guy will have done more work, have sharper pencils, will call for more paper first ... and if the dawn should rise, and he is not safely tucked up in a library then - pfffst! - he turns into a bat….

Monday, 12 October 2009

Almost three lawyers

Today the Nobel Prize in Economics (never mind the terminology) was awarded to Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson (see here). They are not really lawyers – however, the word Law appears 18 times in Ostrom’s CV and 71 times in Williamson’s one. And, of course, Obama is a lawyer too …

"World without law professors" in blogosphere

It just took a few days: Legal Theory Blog, Tax Prof Blog, Wash Park Prophet, and Thinking on the Margin. Btw: I’m going to present the paper at a Workshop on Legal Research at the University of Tilburg in a few weeks time. I’m looking forward to the discussions….