Sunday, 27 March 2011

Refinement of law journal ranking?

DISCLAIMER: please see also my more recent post on ‘The problems with law journal rankings’

About a week ago I posted a new law journal ranking (available here) which combines the rankings of the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the US citations statistics by Washington & Lee University (W&L). The overall result does not look too bad but a couple of refinements could be made:
  • First, the ARC ranking gives perhaps too much prominence to Australian (and New Zealand) journals. Thus, with respect to these journals, it may be more reliable just to use the W&L data.
  • Second, as explained in my previous post, with respect the W&L data, I distinguish between the US ranking and the non US one. However, the non-US data may favour the Canadian journals, since in the US academics may feel more inclined to look to Canada than to legal journals from other continents. Thus, with respect to the Canadian journals, it may be more reliable just to use the ARC data.
  • Third, it seems likely that both rankings underrate the EU law journals since Australian and US scholars may not have enough interest in topics of EU law. Thus, one could make the case for shifting the EU law journals (ie not all European journals but the ones with a core interest in EU law, e.g., ELR, ELJ, EBOR, ECFR, EBLR) up one rank.
So shall I make these refinements? Comments are welcome but I can already see the counterargument that such changes may be a bit too subjective.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Siemslegal World Law Journal Ranking 2011

DISCLAIMER: please see also my more recent post on 
‘The problems with law journal rankings’
This ranking covers English-language law journals only. It is based on the data of the ARC and Washington & Lee rankings. The precise method is explained below the ranking. The categories used are A*, A, A-, B, C, and D. I’m open to suggestions how this ranking may be improved (for some of my own ideas see already here).


Columbia Law Review
Cornell Law Review
Duke Law Journal
Georgetown Law Journal
Harvard International Law Journal
Harvard Law Review
International and Comparative Law Quarterly
McGill Law Journal
Melbourne University Law Review
Michigan Journal of International Law
New York University Law Review
Northwestern University Law Review
Osgoode Hall Law Journal
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
Stanford Law Review
The Modern Law Review
The Sydney Law Review
UCLA Law Review
University of Chicago Law Review
University of Pennsylvania Law Review
University of Toronto Law Journal
Vanderbilt Law Review
Virginia Law Review
Yale Law Journal

American Journal of Comparative Law
American Journal of International Law
Arizona State Law Journal
Boston University Law Review
Cambridge Law Journal
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence
Common Market Law Review
Current Legal Problems
European Journal of International law
Federal Law Review
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
Human Rights Law Review
International Journal of Constitutional Law
Journal of International Criminal Justice
Journal of International Economic Law
Journal of Law and Society
Law and Contemporary Problems
Law and Philosophy
Law Quarterly Review
Legal Studies
Leiden Journal of International Law
Michigan Law Review
Minnesota Law Review
New Zealand Law Review
New Zealand Universities Law Review
Notre Dame Law Review
Queen's Law Journal
Southern California Law Review
Texas Law Review
The British Journal of Criminology
The Journal of Legal Studies
Theoretical Inquiries in Law
Yale Journal of International Law

American Business Law Journal
American Criminal Law Review
Arbitration International
Asian Journal of Comparative Law
Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Boston College Law Review
Canadian Business Law Journal
Canadian Journal of Family Law
Civil Justice Quarterly
Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Criminal Law and Philosophy
Dalhousie Law Journal
Emory Law Journal
European Business Organization Law Review
European Law Journal
European Law Review
Fordham Law Review
George Washington Law Review
Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
German Law Journal
Griffith Law Review
Harvard Environmental Law Review
Harvard Human Rights Journal
Harvard Journal of Law and Gender
Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
Harvard Negotiation Law Review
Indigenous Law Journal
Industrial Law Journal
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family
International Journal of Refugee Law
International Journal of Transitional Justice
International Review of Law and Economics
Iowa Law Review
Journal of Competition Law and Economics
Journal of Corporate Law Studies
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
Journal of Environmental Law
Journal of Law Economics and Organization
Journal of Legal History
Journal of Private International Law
Journal of World Investment and Trade
Law and Society Review
Law, Culture and the Humanities
Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly
Medical Law Review
New York University Journal of International Law and Politics
Nordic Journal of International Law
North Carolina Law Review
Public Law Review
Regulation and Governance
Singapore Journal of Legal Studies
Singapore Year Book of International Law
Social and Legal Studies
South African Journal on Human Rights
The Supreme Court Review
Theoretical Criminology: an international journal
UC Davis Law Review
University of British Columbia Law Review
University of Illinois Law Review
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform
University of New South Wales Law Journal
Virginia Journal of International Law
Washington Law Review
William and Mary Law Review
Wisconsin Law Review
World Competition: Law and Economics Review
Yale Journal on Regulation
Yale Law and Policy Review

Alabama Law Review
Alberta Law Review
American Journal of Law and Medicine
American University International Law Review
American University Law Review
Antitrust Law Journal
Arizona Law Review
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
Australian Journal of Corporate Law
Australian Journal of Family Law
Australian Journal of Labour Law
Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law and Justice
Brigham Young University Law Review
British Tax Review
British Year Book of International Law
Brooklyn Law Review
Business Law International
California Law Review
Canadian Bar Review
Canadian Criminal Law Review
Canadian Journal of Law and Society
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Canadian Tax Journal
Capital Markets Law Journal
Cardozo Law Review
Chicago-Kent Law Review
Chicago Journal of International Law
Child and Family Law Quarterly
Chinese Journal of International Law
Clinical Law Review
Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
Common Law World Review
Connecticut Law Review
Constitutional Commentary
Crime and Delinquency
Criminal Law Forum
Criminal Law Journal
Criminal Law Review
Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
Ecology Law Quarterly
Ethics: an international journal of social, political, and legal philosophy
European Competition Law Review
European Human Rights Law Review
European Journal of Law and Economics
Feminist Legal Studies
Florida Law Review
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal
Georgetown Journal of International Law
Georgia Law Review
German Yearbook of International Law
Hague Journal on the Rule of Law
Harvard Journal on Legislation
Hofstra Law Review
Hong Kong Law Journal
Houston Law Review
Indiana Law Journal
Intellectual Property Quarterly
International Journal of Cultural Property
International Journal of Evidence and Proof
International Journal of Law in Context
International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
International Journal of the Legal Profession
International Review of the Red Cross
Journal of Business Law
Journal of Comparative Law
Journal of Conflict Law and Security
Journal of Contract Law
Journal of Corporation Law
Journal of Equity
Journal of International Law and International Relations
Law and Critique
Law and Policy
Law and Social Inquiry
Law, Probability and Risk
Legal Ethics
Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
Medicine and Law: an international journal
Melbourne Journal of International Law
Michigan Journal of Gender and Law
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
Monash University Law Review
National Tax Journal
Netherlands International Law Review
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
New Criminal Law Review
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly
Ohio State Law Journal
Otago Law Review
Ottawa Law Review
Pepperdine Law Review
Public Law
Ratio Juris
South African Law Journal
Southern Methodist University Law Review
Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Stanford Journal of International Law
Stanford Law and Policy Review
Statute Law Review
Supreme Court Economic Review
Tax Law Review
Texas International Law Journal
The Australian Feminist Law Journal
The International Journal of Children's Rights
The Journal of Law and Economics
Tulane Law Review
University of Chicago Legal Forum
University of Cincinnati Law Review
University of Colorado Law Review
University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law
University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review
Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law
Victoria University of Wellington Law Review
Virginia Tax Review
Washington and Lee Law Review
Washington University Law Review
William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics
Yale Journal of Law and Feminism
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law

Adelaide Law Review
Administrative Law Review
African Journal of International and Comparative Law
Air Force Law Review
Alternative Law Journal
American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review
American Bankruptcy Law Journal
American Journal of Criminal Law
American Journal of Jurisprudence
American Journal of Legal History
American Law and Economics Review
Annals of Air and Space Law
Annals of Health Law
Annual Review of Law and Social Science
Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law
Art, Antiquity, and Law
Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy
Australian Business Law Review
Australian Intellectual Property Journal
Australian Journal of Asian Law
Australian Journal of Human Rights
Australian Law Journal
Banking and Finance Law Review
Baylor Law Review
Behavioral Sciences and the Law
Berkeley Business Law Journal
Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
Berkeley Journal of International Law
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
Boston College International and Comparative Law Review
Boston College Third World Law Journal
Boston University International Law Journal
Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal
BYU Journal of Public Law
Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal
Canadian Yearbook of International Law
Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal
Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law
Cato Supreme Court Review
Climate and Carbon Law Review
Columbia Business Law Review
Columbia Journal of Asian Law
Columbia Journal of Gender and Law
Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts
Columbia Science and Technology Law Review
Company and Securities Law Journal
Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal
Computer Law and Security Report
Conveyancer and Property Lawyer
Cornell International Law Journal
Crime, Law and Social Change
Criminal Justice and Behavior
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Denver University Law Review
DePaul Law Review
Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy
Emory International Law Review
Environmental Law Reporter
European Intellectual Property Review
European Public Law
European Review of Private Law
Family Court Review
Family Law Quarterly
Federal Courts Law Review
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal
Fordham International Law Journal
Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law
George Mason Law Review
George Washington International Law Review
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy
Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law
Hastings Business Law Journal
Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal
Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
Hastings International and Comparative Law Review
Hastings Law Journal
Hastings Women's Law Journal
Health Economics, Policy and Law
Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal
Human Rights Quarterly
Idea (Concord): the intellectual property law review
IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
Immigration and Nationality Law Review
Indiana International and Comparative Law Review
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Intellectual Property Journal
International Criminal Law Review
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law
International Journal of Law Crime and Justice
International Journal of Law & Information Technology
Israel Yearbook of Human Rights
Jindal Global Law Review
Journal of African Law
Journal of Air Law and Commerce
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
Journal of Consumer Policy
Journal of Environmental Law & Practice
Journal of Gender, Race and Justice
Journal of Human Rights
Journal of Intellectual Property
Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law
Journal of Law and Medicine
Journal of Law and Policy
Journal of Law and Politics (USA)
Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics
Journal of Legal Analysis
Journal of Legal Education
Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law
Journal of National Security Law and Policy
Journal of Tort Law
Journal of World Trade
Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law
Jurist: Studies in Church Law and Ministry
Justice Quarterly
King's Law Journal
Law & Ethics of Human Rights
Law and History Review
Law and Human Behavior
Law and Inequality
Law and Literature
Law and Sexuality
Law Text Culture
Legal Information Management
Legal Issues of Economic Integration
Legal Theory
Lewis & Clark Law Review
Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
Maryland Law Review
Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law
McGill Journal of Law and Health
Media and Arts Law Review
Michigan Journal of Race and Law
Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology
Netherlands Yearbook of International Law
New York Law School Law Review
New York University Annual Survey of American Law
New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy
New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law
New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy
New Zealand Law Journal
North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology
Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business
Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy
Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Oklahoma Law Review
Oregon Law Review
Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal
Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal
Restitution Law Review
Review of European Community and International Environmental Law
Review of Law and Economics
Review of Law and Social Change
Rutgers Law Journal
Rutgers Law Review
Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal
Saskatchewan Law Review
Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal
Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance
Stanford Technology Law Review
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
Sur - International Journal on Human Rights
Temple Law Review
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
The American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law
The Journal Jurisprudence
The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations
The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals
The Journal of Law and Technology
The Supreme Court Law Review
Tort Law Review
Torts Law Journal
Tulane Maritime Law Journal
UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
UMKC Law Review
University of Miami Law Review
University of New Brunswick Law Journal
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law
University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law
University of Pittsburgh Law Review
University of Queensland Law Journal
Utrecht Law Review
Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law
Villanova Law Review
Virginia Environmental Law Journal
Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law
Wake Forest Law Review
Washington University Journal of Law and Policy
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review
William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law
Wisconsin International Law Journal
World Trade Review
Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal
Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities
Yearbook of European Law
Yearbook of International Environmental Law
All other journals

  1. This ranking is a synthesis of the ranking by the Australian Research Council (in the following “ARC ranking”; available here; since it covers all disciplines, I have extracted the law journals here) and the ranking by Washington & Lee University School of Law (in the following “W&L ranking”; available here; I have used the combined rank 2010). The ARC ranking is based on expert assessments and the W&L ranking on journal citations. Neither of these two methods is perfect and there are a couple of strange results in both of these rankings. Yet, combining them one can get a grip of these obscurities and it seems to produce a plausible result.
  2. Population. In general, all journals of the W&L ranking have been included since this ranking is the most comprehensive one (more than 1000+ journals). However, I have dropped the few journals not published in English.
  3. Then, I started with the ARC rating and coded the A* journals as category 1, the A journals as category 2, the B journals as category 3, and the C and all other journals as category 4.
  4. For the W&L ranking one needs to distinguish between US and non-US journals since this ranking is based on citations in US journals, and here (naturally) US journals are cited more frequently than non-US ones. Thus, to provide a non-arbitrary comparison between US and non-US journals I used the prevalence of US and non-US journals in the ARC rating to indicate how many US and non-US journals belong to the categories 1 to 3. In the ARC ranking, there are 31 US and 26 non-US journals in category 1, 74 US and 87 non-US journals in category 2, and 210 US and 114 non-US journals in category 3. Thus, with respect to the W&L ranking, I classified the first 31 US journals and the first 26 non-US journals of this ranking as 1 - and similarly, for the categories 2 and 3. All other journals are in category 4.
  5. Finally, I could calculate the average of the two categories for each journal, and, then, I decided to call a journal A* if the average is 1, A if it is 1.5, A- if it is 2, B if it is 2.5, and C if it is 3. All other journals may be called D.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

My most popular posts – and an idea

Blogger has the interesting function showing your most popular blogposts. My top ten posts in terms of pageviews are:
  1. Law Journal Rankings (507)
  2. Citation Ranking of UK Universities (Law) (235)
  3. (Law) Journal Ranking of Australian Research Council (213)
  4. Times Good University Guide 2011 (197)
  5. Guardian university league table 2011 (126)
  6. Bologna and Highest Courts (109)
  7. Cartesio: Daily Mail still good law! (95)
  8. The Driest Part of the UK (80)
  9. New Citation Ranking of UK Universities (Law) (67)
  10. ISNIE 2010 (43)
The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the ranking posts are very popular, in particular the ones on law journal rankings. Many legal academics are sceptical about such ranking attempts but presumably there is some demand for a form of assessment which goes beyond just saying that all depends on the quality of the individual piece. When I have time, I am planning to post my own journal ranking. This sounds bold but actually it would not be entirely new but merge and adjust the two least imperfect law journal rankings (the ARC and the W&L one)…. so watch this space but it may still take a while until I do it.