Monday, 18 May 2015

Time travelling to 2003 (with Windows 1998)

Indeed, I went back to the year 2003 yesterday....To explain: in the summer of 2003 I left my old computer together with some furniture in a storage room in Hamburg. Recently I got all of it to my flat in London (actually, I didn't remember that the old computer was still there; I thought I trashed it in 2003). After some complications I managed to restart it again ...

Initially it was a Windows 1995 computer …

Then upgraded to Windows 1998. And desktop as I left it 12 years ago.

Time shows when I bought it I think (Dec 1996). Emails in draft folder about moving to Florence in 2003.

And finally: then end ;-( removed hard drive and kept Pentium processor as a souvenir ….

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Interdisciplinary Study and Comparative Law (Journal of Comparative Law)

Papers on this topic, based on workshops in London, just published in The Journal of Comparative Law vol 9 (2014). For the full table of context of this issue see here. Some of the papers are also available on SSRN – in alphabetical order:

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How to combine the ‘Brexit’ referendum with a new Scottish referendum

There will be a referendum on the UK leaving the EU in the next two years or so. There is also the prospect that if the UK votes to leave, the Scots may insist on another referendum and this may also impact on whether some in the rest of the UK really want an exit from the EU. Or, graphically:

For a combined referendum therefore the following questions would need to be asked:

In Scotland
  • (a) Should the UK leave or stay in the EU? (i) leave, (ii) stay
  • (b) If the UK as a whole but not Scotland voted to leave the EU would you rather: (i) leave the UK (and as result stay in the EU) or (ii) stay in the UK (and as a result leave the EU).
In England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Should the UK leave or stay in the EU? (i) leave in any circumstances, (ii) stay in any circumstances, (iii) stay if a Brexit leads to the break-up of the UK; otherwise leave.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Research for European Commission on Law Applicable to Companies

Pleased to announce the following: C Gerner-Beuerle (LSE), E Schuster (LSE), F Mucciarelli (SOAS) and myself have recently been awarded a contract to report to the European Commission (DG Justice) for a ‘Study on the Law Applicable to Companies with the Aim of a Possible Harmonisation of Conflict of Laws Rules on the Matter’.
   The study will evaluate the practical problems caused by the lack of harmonisation of the conflict-of-law rules concerning companies and the possibilities for harmonising such rules. It will conduct a comparative analysis on the provisions of private international law in the 28 Member States. The study will be used by the Commission as a basis to decide on possible future harmonisation in this area of law (see also the call for tender).
   The report will, in all likelihood, be published on the Commission website in mid/late 2016.