Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Comparative Law (book): reviews and slides

Ok, first the vanity part of this blog post: it’s nice to see that the reviews of my Comparative Law keep coming in: so, apparently, it is ‘thought-provoking’ and of ‘high quality’ (Bogdan), ‘very interesting, well-written, and accessible’ (Pozzo), ‘a readable tour de force’ (Patrignani), ‘compelling’ (Xanthaki), ‘a thoroughly enjoyable read (Marique) and ‘innovative’ (Shen). Ok, I cherry-picked a bit! For some more extracts see the site accompanying the book.

On this website there are also Powerpoint slides on the themes of this book, which I just updated (as I was teaching a new comparative-law module last term); maybe of interest for some.